Monica Bushor

HI! Thanks for checking out our website! My name is Monica, I am a wife, mother of 4 and avid photographer. It has been said that my children will never feel the disappointment of having "missing years" in photos, perhaps missing days, but not years.

I am a believer in having memorable events (and those mundane ones too) documented in the simple art of photography. It always amazes me how bringing out a photo album can bring people together, help to remember stories, and to bring the past into the present.

I had always brought my kids in for milestone pictures with various studios and photographers, and left feeling hassled, and rushed, and God forbid if my kids were more in the mood to play than to sit and "smile." I knew we were on the studio's schedule, and that there were appointments looming behind me. So often times we left without getting that "perfect" shot.

I have found that the most pure and precious moments in a child are in those times that you capture them being themselves. Whether it be playing outside, or pouring an imaginary cup of tea. I then expanded this thought process to teens and adults in a variety of different situations. Even though they are better at posing, and holding still, and smiling on cue, some of the best shots are captured in the "in between" moments. The moments of them just doing what they do.

From milestone pictures of the first year, to birthday pictures, all the way through senior portraits, engagements, weddings, and beyond, It is one of my joys to find the moments when simple emotion shines through, and capture it. An image that can convey even the simplest of emotion is something that can be treasured forever.

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