May 29, 2016

From Proposal to Wedding Day

My first interaction with Russ and Amy came in April 2015 when I was approached by Russ to play ninja for a day and capture the proposal between he, and his then girlfriend, Amy. What’s better than playing ninja and photographer?

Nothing. Okay, maybe a few things, but being a ninja photographer is always pretty fun.

Anyway, I digress. Russ and I spent a couple weeks getting ready for what would be a surprise proposal in the gardens of Prescott Park in Portsmouth, NH. Biz and I got our cameras ready, and meandered our way into the gardens, when we were met with the first challenge of the night - Portsmouth High School prom!

That’s right, one of the busiest nights of taking photos in the gardens, and we were trying to stake our claim for the prettiest spots. Luckily, Russ had perfect timing, and the prom-goers left with minutes to spare.

We spotted him and Amy coming into the Gardens and tried to play like we were taking photos of the trees. We managed to blend in pretty well because, as mentioned before, there were many people taking photos that night in the same area.

We continued their story through their engagement photos at DeMerrit Hill Farm in Lee, N.H., and just about a year later, May 2016, we were fortunate enough to be there with them to capture their wonderful wedding at The Barn at Whitney’s Inn in Jackson, N.H.

Amy and Russ are such a fun couple, and we were honored that they chose us to be a part of these special moments. 

Congratulations, Russ and Amy!

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